Poodle charm

This is an UPDATED VERSION of the video tutorial on how to make a Poodle Charm on the Rainbow Loom. WHAT's NEW: Instructions on Front Legs Info on number and color of bands used for each step/section Easier techniques for making the front legs and the ears/tail. Recommended Video for this design: Basic Action Figure at http://youtu.be/eDjtyOP_mxM Check out other action figures that can be made from this pattern at https://www.facebook.com/loomacy Other projects are on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/RatedPGJax/pgs-loomacy/ A PDF Companion guide for this lesson can be downloaded and printed http://madebymommy.com/?projects=247 A PDF for the blank template used in planning the design can be downloaded and printed from http://madebymommy.com/?projects=template Check out the Rainbow Loom at http://rainbowloom.com/index.html

Video Instructions for the Poodle charm