Flag charm

www.justinstoys.com Copyright © Justin's Toys, 2013 - Rerecording this video tutorial will result in a copyright strike. This bracelet was originally designed by Rob @ Justin's Toys. To download the graph and all templates, goto: http://www.justinstoys.com/rainbow-loom-stuff/rainbow-loom-template/rainbow-loom-american-flag In this video, I teach the concept of transferring horizontally and vertically. This will let you convert a 2D image into something you can make. You can essentially draw a pixelated image onto the graph and make it on the loom in sections. Each section is represented by the bold lines on the graph and takes 84 bands if you are doubling up bands, or 48 bands if they are single. This is labor intensive so please understand that this will take at least a couple of hours to complete. This concept can also be applied to make larger bracelets - both length and width - using a single loom.

Video Instructions for the Flag charm