Rainbow Ladder bracelet

Rainbow Loom® Rainbow Ladder Bracelet. The name Rainbow Ladder was chosen from the "Name this Bracelet" contest that was held from 8/20/13 to 9/8/13. Thank you to everyone that participated! The first entry for the name, RAINBOW LADDER, was TeamUtubeForever5! Runner up entries are: #2 - RAINBOW RAILROAD from Ghoulgirl9 #3 - CHOON"S TRAIN from Rainbow loomer #4 - LADDER TWIST from NeighborHoodSquirre1 #5 - TRAINBOWTRACKS from KK22rocks. Please send a message from the listed YouTube accounts for information on how to be shipped a bracelet. FUN FACTS: We had nearly 2,000 creative entries! The name Rainbow Ladder was submitted 75 times. The word Rainbow was submitted 634 times. The word Ladder was submitted 344 times. The word Track was submitted 163 times. Music: "Found My Rainbow" - David Lindner Instructions and Band Organizer are by Suzanne M. Peterson. Copyright © 2013 Hijinx, LLC Copyright © 2013 Choon's Design, LLC. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, rerecorded, remade or redistributed without permission.

Video Instructions for the Rainbow Ladder bracelet