Pinstripe Double Ladder bracelet Copyright © 2013 Justin's Toys - Please give credit where credit is due. Back to my roots, I'm bringing you a video of how to make another bracelet. This time I am incorporating pony beads and merging two bracelet designs - the double bead ladder and the sailor's pinstripe. This bracelet is made of color changing pony beads and glow in the dark bands so its pretty neat looking in all times of the day. This bracelet takes approximately 110 bands for me, 46 white glow in the dark bands 44 beads and 66 colored bands. My wrist is 6.25 inches in circumference and I used 22 rows in total (1 full loom and 10 rows on the second loom) Calculate how many rows you need by dividing the circumference of your wrist with .284.

Video Instructions for the Pinstripe Double Ladder bracelet