Ivy Chain bracelet

www.justinstoys.com Copyright © Justin's Toys, 2014 - Rerecording this video tutorial will result in a copyright strike. This bracelet was originally designed by Rob @ Justin's Toys. This is the last part of a 3 part tutorial which shows you how to make the Ivy Bracelet for the Flower Bracelet. It is a very advanced bracelet and is not required to make a Flower Bracelet. Any other bracelet may be swapped out in its place. Keep in mind that all of the bands applied onto the loom in this tutorial are capped. This bracelet requires 2 transfers which may be skipped by combining 2 looms. Each Ivy Leaf is .4 inches so use the following formula to calculate how many leafs you need to make. Take your total wrist length and subtract .75(the charm connectors), then divide this number by .4. Round this number up and that will be enough leafs to fit around your wrist comfortably. Alternately, use (X-.75)/.4 where X = your wrist length in inches. Thanks for tuning in and Happy looming!!

Video Instructions for the Ivy Chain bracelet