Hexafish Mini bracelet

www.justinstoys.com Copyright © Justin's Toys, 2013 - Rerecording this video tutorial will result in a copyright strike. This bracelet was originally designed by Rob @ Justin's Toys. This variation was created by Rob at Justin's Toys and is an advanced level bracelet which requires about 100 rubberbands and a decent amount of skill. To calculate how many bands you need, measure your wrist in inches and divide it by .057.The "heart" protrude out and when mixed with glow in the dark bands, there is a very appealing way in which the bracelet glows. It is pretty thick and almost looks like a bangle. It;s a little more elastic than the original hexafish. You can reference this video for making a hexafish as well, but skip the arrows and boomerangs. This video was made with the best methods of clipping in mind so it is much easier then the previously released hexafish videos. For those of you complaining about broken bands, please use official Rainbow Loom © or Choon's Designs bands as all other brands have been tested and do not have the same elasticity to actually hold.

Video Instructions for the Hexafish Mini bracelet